Well, Finally….

Last summer we moved to Midway, BC and started renovating an  older mobile home.  We have finally moved in! It’s not all finished, but the main living area, kitchen, master bedroom and one bath are almost totally done and very livable. We have done it all ourselves with only a bit of help (Thanks Doneen, Curtis and Danny) so it took much longer than anticipated.

When my friend, Erin Freed, visited this year I got out the paints again and did a couple of small florals. They have both been gifted to the friends who grew the flowers and have helped us a lot.

Christines Garden 11x14      irenes peonies









We have a lot of summer guests coming this year, so I won’t do much more until fall, but I can’t wait to connect with other artists in the Boundary region in the fall. I hear there are art groups in both Midway and Greenwood!