Waterfalls & Rocks

I recently ‘attended’ an online workshop about painting waterfalls, so now I just have to try to lock in what I learned by painting a few. I’ve started one of the part of Qualicum Falls where the crazy teenagers jump in the summer and another one of two levels of Qualicum Falls.

I also have a painting in the works of the junction of two rivers and a rocky shoreline in front. I’m really excited by succeeding with making the water look wet, but I’m not happy with my rocks AT ALL! I’m glad I’m booked into both a real live workshop with Lloyd Major and an online workshop to learn how to paint rocks. I’ll come back to this painting when I have a better grip on it! I’m also fairly busy with web work right now, so the painting will only happen on the weekends when I don’t feel guilty about taking time off. Is that a normal side effect of being a home-based business?