Life is changing! We are about to move into our motorhome full time. I will no longer have room to store a large number of paintings, so I’m ready to sell off all of my medium to large canvases. The price has been reduced to less than half, some as low as 25% of the original price!
NO PIECE IS OVER $ 175.00!

With a push from my friend and mentor, Erin Freed, I first picked up a paint brush in September 2007, after building websites for artists and galleries for several years. Life changed instantly! I started looking at everything in a whole new way.

Workshops, online classes, feedback from well-known and respected started my art education, which I still pursue through online sessions.  I started painting in acrylics and still enjoy them and hope to some day learn to paint with watercolours.  

I have exhibited in several group and community shows and have works in private collections across North America from Ontario to Texas,  Alberta and throughout BC.

“From Vancouver Island, where I started painting, to Midway, a small village in the beautiful Kettle River Valley in south central BC and now, planning our next move to the south Okanagan, I find inspiration wherever I go. I love to paint mountains, seascapes, trees,  gardens and water and hope my paintings give you the sense of peace that  I feel from these surroundings on a daily basis.”

Julie Russell